Legislative Positions

As citizens and members of RWBC we are actively involved in supporting or opposing legislation that will harm our economy, the integrity of our elections, the safety of our citizens and the environment.  We are active through emails, phone calls, and testifying before committees.  We have representatives who attend both the House and Senate Caucus meetings on a weekly basis, and provide a report. 

We support Governor Hogan’s continuing efforts to:

(1)   Reduce the growth of spending in the State Budget and improve effectiveness of state programs.

(2)   Encourage greater job growth by making Maryland more business friendly—reduce regulation.

(3)   Reduce the level of unfunded pension liability in State Retirement Systems.

(4)   Reform Congressional and Legislative Redistricting processes – Stop Gerrymandering.

(5)   Restore pre-2012 level (30%) of sharing gas tax with counties to maintain local roads and bridges.

(6)   Repeal HB 1013-2016 – Transportation Priorities – Replace with process fair to all jurisdictions.

(7)   Improve educational opportunities for all children.

(8)   Governor’s Environmental Package for 2017.


In addition,

We Support: Income Tax “credit” for retirees. Cap automatic CPI increase in gasoline tax at current level.

We Support: Requiring photo IDs to vote. Requiring proof of citizenship to Register to Vote at Board of Elections or any designated voter agency. Evaluating effectiveness of Early Voting (EV) –Cost per vote cast?  Total voter turnout increase? Has EV resulted in people voting regularly who voted only occasionally or not at all? Is 8 days too many?

We Oppose: Allowing non-citizens to register and vote in Board of Education elections or city elections. (MC 25-2016). Sanctuary Cities refusing to follow Immigration laws.

We Support: School Budget Performance Review. Evaluating effectiveness of Thornton Formula (educational achievement/skills –not just dollars spent).

School Choice – charter schools – vouchers

Revision of the Common Core Implementation to serve Maryland students effectively (compare student test scores, graduation rates and attendance in CC schools and non-CC schools).

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