This is How Many People Are Refusing the COVID-19 Vaccine in Maryland

Samuel Stebbins

According to a recent survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, 24,260,000 Americans -- or 9.7% of the 18 and older population -- say they will either probably or definitely not get the vaccination.

Many Americans who have yet to be vaccinated cite one of three reasons: either they are concerned about possible side effects, or they want to wait to see if it is safe, or it is difficult for them to obtain a vaccination. Others cite different reasons.

Nationwide, 17,040,000 people, 6.8% of the adult population, do not trust the COVID-19 vaccines, and another 7,350,000, or 2.9%, do not think COVID-19 is a big threat. Additionally, 14,070,000 American adults, or 5.6% of the 18 and older population, have not been vaccinated because they do not trust the government.

In Maryland, an estimated 265,500 adults, or 5.8%, say they will likely refuse the vaccine. Of all adults in the state, 4.7% will refuse because they do not trust the COVID-19 vaccine specifically, 1.3% because they do not think COVID-19 is a big threat, and 4.6% because they distrust the government.

Despite pockets of resistance, Maryland is doing a better job at vaccinating its population quickly than most states. So far, 64.2% of Maryland’s population are fully vaccinated, compared to 56.4% of all Americans.