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The Most Important Election of Our Lifetimes

By Jim Simpson

The 2020 election has come and gone. Despite our best hopes, there won’t be a do over. Regardless of whether you believe the election was stolen or not, we are living with the results and will continue to do so.

And the results are horrific. That is not too strong a term. There were 142,000 overdose deaths in 2021, up 22 percent from 2020. Of these, deadly fentanyl took the largest share, 71,000, up 23 percent between 2020 and 2021. As of September 2022, CDC estimates that overdose deaths from synthetic opioids (primarily fentanyl) have jumped 80 percent over the past two years!

Consider what that means. Hundreds of thousands of families are today grieving loved ones lost do to this ungodly epidemic. And it is being fed largely by the open-borders policies of Joe Biden and the Democrats!

If that doesn’t bother you, how about what happens to the illegals themselves? Many die making the trip, especially children. This is the direct result of the Biden open border agenda. Migrant deaths have skyrocketed by over 100 percent since Biden took office. Under Trump, migrant deaths were the lowest since 2000, and there have been more deaths in the last two years (1,175) than all four years under Trump combined (1,126).

Do you want the continuous growing and spreading of violent crime while our police are mocked, slandered, attacked and defunded by leftist politicians? My opponents voted against the Police Bill of Rights, which would have provided at least some relief. No wonder Baltimore City and County have a severe shortage of police and record retirements. Examples abound of violent criminals given little or no bail for heinous crimes, including murder, where they go out and murder again. Democratic candidate for Governor, Wes Moore is all in favor of defunding police and making them pay in other ways.

Do you think your taxes are too high? Moore will also ram through reparations for slavery. Did you know that? What will that cost? The sky is the limit. Here are some ghastly proposals waiting for us following the election if the Democrats win, and Wes Moore supports all of them:

· Centralize all zoning decisions at the state level, removing local zoning control!

· A bill like California’s allowing for perinatal abortion!

· A bill in committee to shut down natural gas in Maryland by 2024!

· They have already eliminated the Police Bill of Rights

· They have already announced their intention to follow California to ban all gas-powered autos by 2035.

· They have already stripped local control from school boards. The result?

o it is now state policy to teach Critical Race Theory and radical transgender ideology to elementary school kids!

o Meanwhile 90% of students in Baltimore City do not read, write, math at grade level

o 50% in Baltimore County not reading, writing, math at grade level!

That’s in addition to Reparations for slavery and other income redistribution (i.e. Socialism) that Wes Moore and the Democrats want to impose on us!

Do you want off-the-charts inflation and astronomical and growing energy costs? Do you want taxes to the stratosphere? Do you want all gasoline fueled vehicles removed from our roads by 2035? Seriously? Do you believe the world will perish in 10 years because of “global warming?” This is what educators are telling our kids. Why would any of them want to keep working for a future if that were the case?

So many things are going wrong, and it is so overwhelming, we have become numb to it. We need to wake up! This is unacceptable! In America we have rights, and when things go wrong, we take our fight to the ballot box. For this election, it is absolutely essential that we do so. The drugs, crime and insane ideologies are burying us under problem after problem. But no one is coming to the rescue. We have to stand up as a state, as a nation, and say enough is enough!

Vote Republican on November 8 and lets flip this state!

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Seriously, to not respond to these issues and just let it all be, is your vote to support the socialist changes that are yes, already in motion. This could be our last election to choose freedom. Just ask the Brazilians and the Venezuelans. They did not think it could happen to them either. Wake up Baltimore County and wake up Maryland! Vote Tuesday, Nov. 8, in person please!

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