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STOP THE SPENDING! Vote NO 2022 Baltimore Co. Ballot Questions C – K

Reading all these requests to borrow money from these agencies makes your head spin. In today’s world of increasing interest rates and overspending in general, it is hard to fathom Baltimore County is prepared to borrow this amount of money. Most recent rate of interest is 5%, therefore the annual interest rate will be a whopping $17,000,000 per year. Are you ok with this bill? Do you think our agencies should live within their means? If so, vote NO on all funding requests.

Agricultural and Rural Land Preservation (C) $5,000,000

Community College (D) $18,500,000

Community Improvement (E) $4,000,000

Operational Buildings (F) $27,050,000

Parks, Preservation (G) $2,000,000

Public Works (H) $57,320,000

Refuse Disposal (I) $5,000,000

School Borrowing (J) $200,000,000

Waterway (K) $20,000,000

Total Approximately $339,000,000

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