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RWBC and Patriot Club Issue Letter to BCPS: "Lawn Boy" Violates Obscenity Laws

In a follow-up to RWBC's effort to get Gender Queer removed in Baltimore County Public School's libraries, RWBC is partnering with Patriot Club of America demanding the obscene book Lawn Boy be removed as well. The book has 18 sexually explicit passages (7 of which are listed below) and uses the word f**k a total of 101 times, presenting on one-third of the book's pages. Not only are the passages horrifying to read, BCPS is also subject to Maryland Code Criminal Law § 11-203 (Sale or display of obscene item to minor).

The letter was sent to multiple Baltimore County officials including the county executive, BCPS School Board, County Council members, Baltimore County State's Attorney, and BC Sheriff. RWBC collected over 90 signatures in support of getting obscene material out of county schools.



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