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New York Times Says COVID Boosters May Hurt Immunity

( )- After all this time, the media is finally being forced to admit that the COVID-19 vaccine isn’t perfect. Not only does the vaccine appear to be significantly less effective at preventing Omicron and Delta strains of COVID-19, but a new report from the far-left New York Times reveals how experts have advised caution before approving a fourth COVID-19 vaccine shot.

It comes as Israel rolls out a fourth injection aimed at preventing the spread of Omicron, but experts have warned that the shot might actually do more harm than good, creating “immune system fatigue.”

The Times reported that too many injections could make it harder for the body to naturally fight the COVID-19 virus.

The experts, who form a panel advising the Israeli government on the pandemic, concluded that the problem exists and the fourth shot could pose problems. They did, however, ultimately determine that the possible benefits might outweigh the risks.

So, they’re going ahead with it.

Other scientists have said that the plan might backfire. Members of the government’s panel admitted that the immune risk exists, particularly with regards to the elderly, but Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has signaled his support for the plan.

What happened to trusting the science?

None of this makes very much sense when one considers the fact that even the United States Centers for Disease Control have shown that the vast majority of Omicron cases actually occurred in “fully vaccinated” people…

So if the vaccine doesn’t prevent Omicron, what good does a third, fourth, or fifth dose do?

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