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Government’s Green Energy Steam Roller, No Matter the Cost or Outcome

By Carol Frazier Resident of Ocean Pines, Maryland

Recently, Danish company Orsted announced it was ceasing operations on Ocean Wind I and Ocean Wind II offshore wind farms off the coast of New Jersey, citing increased costs due to interest rates, inflation and supply chain issues. It’s kind of funny that this industry, so beloved of the Biden Administration, is suffering losses and is even imperiled by Bidenomics.

For most of the people on the Eastern Shore this is very good news. And we love the additional bad news for the Offshore Wind Surveying (and indeed the entire “green energy”) industry coming out almost every day- “clean energy stocks are tanking, local governments saying “Nope! Not welcome here!” or passing regulations that bring to light just how incredibly expensive and unworkable these technologies truly are, etc. In my opinion, anything that interferes with the “green” steam roller is welcome news.

We must be careful and watchful though. We have a Presidential Administration that is all in for green energy, no matter the cost, no matter the incredibly poor outcomes. And Maryland Governor Moore is so excited about the possible sight of thousands of turbines on land and sea that he is hoping to add the Chesapeake Bay to the national park system. In April, Governor Moore tweeted:

“Here’s why Maryland will become the national leader in offshore wind:

~Our 3,000 + miles of shoreline for generating wind power

-Our skilled workforce powering offshore wind manufacturing in Baltimore

~Investments in clean energy from my Innovation Economy Infrastructure Act”.

The only way you can come up with 3,000 miles of shoreline in Maryland is by using the shoreline of the Chesapeake Bay. I also find it interesting that it was recently announced that the world’s largest steel mill (Sparrows Point in Baltimore) will get a second life as a wind turbine factory.

Our Federal and State governments have proven over the years that there is no amount of taxpayer funds they will not happily shovel out to “green” companies with very little oversight or even any evidence that the technologies work.

Please remain watchful and pay attention and when you see or hear something, please spread the word and let your state and federal representatives know what you think.

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