Our February 16th meeting had guest speaker Jimmy Mathis speak to our group. Jimmy has been in broadcasting for 25 years, a talk show host at WBAL for ten and currently works at NBC News behind the scenes. He told us how his entire adult life has been about communication and how to frame the message that you want to get across. How do we, locally and nationally, take our Conservative message to the next level? He spoke of the failure of past messaging in the cases of John McCain and Mitt Romney; that of, “Well, things could be worse. Let’s stop going down this road.” We don’t need a complacent defensive strategy. We need a positive, offensive one. We must get back to the messaging of real Conservative values: Property rights, religious freedom, individual freedoms, law enforcement and having a civil society. These are our core values and beliefs and when we run on them we win.



Our March 16th meeting brought guest speaker Ed Hudgins, Regulation Expert at the Heartland Institute. He discussed their interest in State and National efforts on energy, drugs and education reform. Heartland’s mission is to discover, develop, and promote free-market solutions to social and economic problems. His talk centered on the frustration of most education systems being run and taught with a far left-leaning bias. While the Government demands more money every year for education, they are producing worse and worse results. Our kids aren’t learning. The State has failed to educate our children. This is just another example of something that needs the private sector to intervene and clean up. The alternative is to continue getting ripped off while our children are brainwashed with Leftist propaganda.


Kathy Szeliga  - Maryland House of Representatives Minority Whip

April Speaker


This was a lively meeting with loads of questions for Kathy Szeliga ranging from immigration and MS13 concerns to education reform. At the time of her speech, multiple bills were on the Governors desk waiting for a signature OR veto.

The Movie Unplanned Review

RWBC would like to thank the producers of “Unplanned” for working with RWBC to have a special showing of the movie at Hunt Valley Regal Theaters on March 28, 2019.


“Unplanned” is the true story of Abby Johnson; an eight year employee of Planned Parenthood and its youngest ever Clinic Director. Abby first becomes acquainted with P.P. on her college campus when a recruiter tells her she can have a career helping women. Her first job is walking clients from their car to the clinic, so they don’t get distracted by the Right to Lifers at the fence line trying to persuade them to keep their babies. Abby believes she is helping women make one of the toughest decisions of their life. She is no stranger to this decision having had two abortions herself.

This movie pulls no punches and does not back away from one of its most memorable lines, “Nobody ever said abortion was pretty.” It is this unvarnished, visual and emotional truth that earned it its R rating. An R rating reduces the size of the audience that will come to see your movie, especially one with a Christian theme, but it was necessary. You can’t capture the harsh reality of what happens during an abortion without the scene of the fetus squirming away from the doctor trying to vacuum it out. Without it, the movie would have been as sterile and whitewashed as Planned Parenthood’s explanations of what abortion is and why it is good. It is seeing it on an ultrasound that finally changes Abby’s mind about abortion. Yes; she had two before, but was never shown an ultrasound of her baby or heard its heartbeat. Her second one was chemically induced with the drug RU486. She sold abortions for eight years before ever witnessing the physical horror of a moving fetus being sucked out of a young girl and then its parts rearranged on a paper towel to make sure they got it all. The audience squirmed as well.

What really works about “UNPLANNED” is that although it tackles one of the worst divides of our time, it really doesn’t judge. There is compassion for Abby and for all of the women who made that choice. She chose abortion to avoid being attached to an undesirable man for the rest of her life. Even if you think abortion is murder, you see the guy she would be stuck with and it’s understandable. There is a theme of forgiveness and acceptance. You have sympathy for the suffering she goes through anyway. The RU486 caused her to hemorrhage violently and endure a very long, painful night. They told her there would be only slight discomfort and bleeding. They told her she wouldn’t look back on her abortions as anything more than a minor medical procedure if she looked back on them at all. Both were lies.

The Pro-Life group, 40 Days for Life, is portrayed as sincere in direct contrast to another hostile protester who is more in the Westboro Baptist Church vein: aggressive, intimidating and damning. This is important when the press paints all Pro-lifers as crazy, unhinged, bible bangers who want to kill abortion doctors. When Abby finally leaves, 40 Days for Life takes her in and helps her find a job.

“Unplanned” far exceeded expectations at the box office. The media has excelled at making the Pro-Life movement look minuscule, insignificant and passé. More fake news. Abby’s epiphany could be considered a small miracle. Knowing how Hollywood feels about this topic, the bigger miracle is that this film got made at all.

Baltimore City/County Citizens Meet

Various members of the Democrat and Republican party's came together to discuss the issues in the city, state and Baltimore County that face all of us. The Greater Baltimore Muslim Council graciously  hosted  the event. 


Ex Mayor Shelia Dixon, Delegate Nick Mosby, Shahab Garni, Nicolee Ambrose, Kathryn Jerrard, Delegate Dr. Jay Jalise, business owners Zakia Shad, Zulqurnain Saroya, representatives from B.C. police Department and many others from across the city and county attended. 

First Lady Luncheon 

Lunch with the First Lady is always a well attended event. Republican Women of Baltimore County donated a lovely basket of local items. Proceeds benefit a charity of the First Lady's Choice. 

MFRW Spring Board of Directors General Session

March 23rd, 2019


           Diana Waterman MFRW President, called to order the 2019 Spring Board of Directors Meeting Saturday, March 23rd, at the Richlind Ballroom. Many women from various Republican Womens Clubs  across the state attended to hear the exciting line up of speakers. Continental breakfast, salads, soups, chicken, shrimp, brownies, cookies and no shortage of snacks fueled participants throughout the day.

           Congressman Andy Harris provided an exciting update from Washington including the recently released Mueller report, new congress elected official members frequently in the news, voting, immigration, budget, our military, updates on Israel and the Golan Heights and so many other topics for discussion. The conversation could have continued all day fueled only on the talk provide by Congressman Harris, however other speakers were lined up. Delegate Kathy Szeliga House Minority Whip, shared the legislative directives for 2019 the good, the bad and the ugly. Redistricting is underway. The plan is to utilize this new map for the 2020 Congressional election however we may not realize the true effects until 2021. Most disappointing will be the increase in tax costs in Maryland to each family per year, the focus on increased educational performance and not the increase in cost per student per year is failing with costs per each student rising, the movement closer to Maryland becoming a Sanctuary State and passed gun bills that have nothing to do with the guns used in more than 1,000 shootings and more than 300 murders in Maryland were some of the interests presented. Ashley Mac Leavy, is the only Republican School Board elected member in D.C. who works towards improving educational policy spoke about winning her race, celebrating women and the Independent Women’s Forum, a women’s think tank to present issues of interest to all Americans. Liz Matory former Congressional district 2 candidate, spoke about winning with women in Maryland.   

          Many members delivered various topics such as legislation in Maryland 2019, Caring for America, Literacy initiatives, Americanism, Voter Registration, Political Education, Membership, Leadership Development, Public Relations with an energizing final presentation on “Why Maryland Can’t Compete” by Dee Hodges, MFRW 1st V.P.   Vendors from Stella and Dot, Pretty Girl Soaps, Peach Clothing and ASEA products were on display. Many events are being introduced by MFRW in the continuing year, Political Campaign School for the upcoming election of 2020, The First Lady’s Luncheon Thursday, May 2nd and  Fall Board of Directors Meeting which maybe held at Turf Valley Resort in Ellicott City  is scheduled for October.

February 2019

Jimmy Mathis Featured Speaker February 16th

Watch the full speech here at TV Free Baltimore:

January 2019 Speaker - Pastor David Whitney

The first meeting of the Republican Women of Baltimore County began the 2019 year with a dynamic speaker, Pastor David Whitney of Pasadena Maryland’s Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church. As chaplain of the Southern National Congress where he is also the Chairman of the Maryland Delegation to the Congress, Pastor Whitney discussed the Constitution and the founding fathers’ views of Law and Government.

The Pastor discussed with members and friends his vast knowledge on the Constitution as a scholar and representative of the Institute on the Constitution. Based on our biblical teachings, the Constitution states “Our rights and the purpose of civil government is to secure our rights as they are God’s given rights to the American People.” Looking into the Biblical and Pagan view of Government he compares our rights based on our creation not evolution, limited authority in Government and patriotism based on a republic not tyranny.  

Under the Constitution we are all privileged as we have been born under the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States with God Given Rights. The only privilege that should be recognized should be as a citizen in America.  

Pastor Whitney graduated with honors in History from Rutgers University fostering his continued love of our country and a greater understanding of the constitution. He continued on to graduate from Denver Seminary College pastoring in many areas throughout the US. He is a strong advocate for the family and protector of the unborn child.

Republican Women of Baltimore County Christmas Party


This years Christmas party was held on Friday, December 7, 2018 at the lovely and beautifully decorated Hillendale Country Club in Phoenix, Maryland. Many people attended the social event enjoying one another’s company and partaking of an extensive  buffet. Tom Esposito provided some Christmas music by playing the piano which added to the festive atmosphere. 


Kathryn Jerrard, the president of the club, welcomed the guests and then asked Bill Ensor to open the evening with a prayer. She then introduced Dena Espenscheid of the Leadership Institute which is a conservative organization that teaches and supports conservative activists to influence public policy through participation and leadership. She spoke to the assembled guests about the purpose and vision of the institute.


After enjoying a most delicious dinner, the holiday atmosphere continued into the evening as participants continued to socialize and extend Christmas wishes to each other a well as the best for the upcoming New Year.

A Journey from the Left to the Right


An interview with Liz Matory, who ran for Maryland’s 2nd Congressional District in Maryland, proved to be an awe-inspiring journey for her as she moved from a liberal thinking mindset and agenda, then as an Independent then to the conservative side as a registered Republican.


Born February 11, 1980 in Washington, D.C. Liz considers herself a “Born Again Republican” and also having published a book bearing that title. Her educational background consists of a BA from Columbia University, an MBA from the University of Maryland and a JD from Howard University. Her political activism entails involvement with the Maryland Federation of Republican Women and the Maryland State Republican Central Committee.


Liz has strong opinions that she has developed and also witnessed as she transitioned from one party to the other over time. She saw extensive governmental manipulation and control enacted in which she feels you loose personal autonomy. She feels that the control can jeopardize, subtract from and redefine standby traditions of family, faith and belief in one self. Once the belief in one self is eroded it allows for more intervention by the government. She believes in the tenet that you can’t control people as much when they are given a choice. A quote from Liz states, “We should be further along as a community and country than we are but for the three generations of failed liberal policies our country is unrecognizable. If we do not take a bold, focused step to challenge the status quo our American way of life will be lost forever.”    


Despite having lost in the mid term election to Dutch Ruppersburger Liz is primed to continue her journey through her political activism for the top issues important to her which are protecting our 2nd amendment rights as well as the Right to Life causes for the unborn, honoring our service members and families, the lowering of taxes and to grow the economy. As for elections in general Liz adheres to rule # 1 that the only elections that are easy to steal are the close ones.


Liz currently resides in Parkville, MD and is slated to begin work on a second book.

Clean up crew, but not much to do thanks to Hillendale CC.

Custom made RWBC Christmas Ornament

 The Final Drive


On Thursday, October 18, 2018 at the Valley Mansion in Cockeysville, MD Nino Mangione, a Republican running for the Maryland House of Delegates in District 42B in Baltimore County, held his last fund raiser before the mid-term elections on November 6.

The turnout was exceptional as well as the food and ambience.


Nino’s uncle, John, opened the event and spoke at length about the upcoming election and stressed the importance of “getting out the vote.”  He then introduced guest speaker Ed Norris, the former Baltimore City Police Commissioner and State Police Superintendent. Mr. Norris was quite candid about the corrupt aura that surrounds Baltimore City and the high number of crimes that are committed. He spoke about a comparison between New York City, where he currently lives, to Baltimore in what is being done to curb crime. Statistically, NYC far surpasses Baltimore in declining numbers related to crime, theft and murders. He spoke of quicker and longer incarceration as one of the modalities to curb it. 


Al Redmer addressed the audience briefly about his candidacy for Baltimore County Executive. He highlighted his qualifications and talked about the issues facing Baltimore County and how he proposes to tackle them. He then spoke very highly of Nino in regard to his energy and passion for the causes that he cares deeply about. He stressed the importance of voting for Nino as he will be a profound voice in Annapolis for all of Baltimore County.


Nino then spoke to the attendees after being introduced by his uncle, John Mangione. He reiterated the important challenges facing our county- communities that are at risk due to illegal drugs and opioid abuse, the need for stricter budget management and state spending, pushing for tougher sentences related to selling drugs whether on school grounds or anywhere. Aggressively pursuing solutions to these problems would be foremost to Delegate Mangione.


Afterwards, Nino mingled with the attendees going from table to table shaking hands, smiling and posing for many photos. He is a high energy young man totally committed to the serious issues in our state.  

Maryland Voting District 42B Fund Raiser

On Wednesday, September 26, 2018 a political fund raiser was held for District 42nd B at the Timonium Fairgrounds in Timonium, Maryland. Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland’s team consisted of Chris West  and Christian Miele both currently running for state Senate in District 42 B, and Joe Boteler, Joe Cluster, Nino Mangione, and Dr. Tim Robinson all running for the House of Delegates. Also present was Al Redmer running for Baltimore County Executive and David Marks running for the County Council. The event was very well attended despite a torrential downpour. All of the candidates working in a most effective partnership with  Governor Hogan will ensure that effective legislation is passed to continue moving Maryland forward. Common ground among all of them is to create thousands of jobs, provide safety measures in our schools, protect the environment, maintain strict budget management, monitor illegal criminal aliens for the safety and benefit of Baltimore County and reassure taxpayers that each tax dollar is spent efficiently and with accountability. 


Governor Hogan attended as well and spoke to the audience about how far Maryland has progressed under his bipartisan leadership. He emphasized how the business climate in Maryland has improved significantly, taxes have not been raised during his administration, fees and tolls have been reduced and funds earmarked for improvement in education have been allotted and applied. The critical importance of this particular mid term election was stressed by Governor Hogan and an appeal was made by him for the people to get involved and volunteer as much as possible. He stressed that the above mentioned candidates will help him continue changing Maryland for the better as his team moves in lockstep to realize many goals already achieved and ensure that more are met.


The fund raiser ended on a high note as Governor Hogan graciously shook hands among the crowd and stood with several groups of people for picture taking. As always, he was well received and appreciated for all he has done so far as he continues to put Maryland on the national map going forward.

Wheelbarrow of goodies raffled off by RWBC to raise additional funds for the candidates. 

Movie Day! “In The Face Of Evil”

July 2018

Our upcoming elections were keeping most of our members engaged in campaigning however some members were unable to door knock during the hot day and instead spent it watching the movie “In The Face Of Evil”.  On Saturday, June 16th   Mr. Tim Watkins owner and CEO of Renegade Communications and our member Beth Reinhart arranged to show the movie “In The Face Of Evil”.


Mr. Tim Watkins produced and directed this highly acclaimed conservative documentary with the efforts of Stephen and Chris Bannon based on the book written by Peter Schweitzer Reagan’s War In Word and Deed.  Winner of both The American Film Renaissance and The Liberty Film Festival Documentary Award , “In The Face Of Evil” is an uncompromising look at the leadership and moral courage as President Ronald Regan confronted Soviet Communism.


In the welcoming studio of Renegade Communications with big fluffy black swivel chairs, we heard the history behind the making of the movie and its production. Tim Watkins presented the insider’s perspective and what it was like working with Stephen and Chris Bannon and Peter Schweitzer. Tien Langlee our RWBC Fundraiser Chairperson provided pizza and snacks while we enjoyed each other’s company and watched the movie. The post movie discussion on Communism, Soviet Russia and the Berlin Wall was just as engaging with comments from Judge and Senior Fellow at the Center of Immigration, Honorable Art Arthur, Ambassador Ellen Sauerbrey and Dee Hodges.  We were very grateful for the generosity of Renegade Communications and the kindness of Beth Reinhart. 

Islam Blood and Conquest

May 2018

“Islam Blood and Conquest”, our Saturday, May 19th meeting presented by Mr. Robert Battista. After studying the Quran and contrasting it with the Bible, formally convert from Muslim and the desire to help the persecuted Christians around the world, Mr. Battista has shed light on the thoughts that Islam is not interested in coexisting in America but transforming America.  

When the Quran is interpreted by the Hadith the meaning of the passages explains the radical actions of the Muslim religion. The Hadith commands that there is no other God than Allah and therefore you must submit to Allah. To believe in Allah is to fight jihad and destroy the nonbelievers in Holy War. Muslims are instructed to first believe in Allah and second to destroy the nonbelievers. When asked what would be equivalent to the death of Christians and Jews in submitting to Allah, “there is nothing else that would be accepted”. According to Allah your death in fighting jihad is your duty. The destruction of Jews and Christian’s are their sole purpose. To die for Allah is the most important act to strive for with Sharia Law identifying how to live.

The acts of violence against Christians and Jews are rewarded in the Muslim faith. The Prime Minister of Isreal, Benjamin Netanyahu has been fighting the U.N. against this reward system which encourages more violence, to no avail. The Coptic Christians are persecuted repeatedly through church bombings, kidnappings and rapes of women. Israel, as the center of a dense population of Jewish life was quoted by Muslim activists stating “now we do not have to hunt them all over the world we can destroy them all in one place”. Mr. Battista has been raising awareness to help Coptic Christians in Pakistan with donations to make their lives better, building schools and places of worship. The most heavily targeted individuals are helped to leave the country and seek refuge in other places by the organizations that Mr. Battista partners with. We were grateful to have Mr. Battista attend.        

Sheriff Jenkins Illegal Immigration in Maryland and its Impact

The Republican Women of Baltimore County held their Talk, Social and Discussion for the month of May at the Greene Turtle Restaurant in Hunt Valley with their featured speaker, Sheriff Chuck Jenkins from Frederick County. Director Dorothy Herrera-Niles for the Department of Homeland Security in the state of Maryland attended to support the efforts of Sheriff Jenkins.

 Prior to the Sheriff ‘s presentation we heard from a few candidates running in this year’s election among them were Kathleen Causey for the Board of Education in Baltimore County District 3, Carl Magee candidate for Baltimore County Sheriff, Liz Matory candidate for U.S.  Congress in Maryland’s 2nd Congressional District and Kevin Leary candidate for Delegate in District 8. Al Redmer (Baltimore County Councilman candidate) had campaign representatives on hand representing him and endorsing Craig Wolf, candidate for Attorney General for the State of Maryland.

Sheriff Chuck Jenkins was invited by the Trump Administration in February 2018 to participate in a panel discussion on the Mexican American Boarder Security Wall. The Sheriff’s many accolades and past accomplishments afforded him the invitation.  Elected in 2006, the Sheriff was astute to see the rise in illegal criminal immigrants and began to do something about it. Applying for participation in the Federal ICE Program 287(g) he received acceptance after a year. Frederick County became enrolled in two separate programs, the 287(g) program and Enforcement Removal Operations (ERO) in jails and the Task Force Operation’s which was soon eliminated by President Obama. Frederick County was the first county in the state to support the mission of Homeland Security to complete their job. The 287(g) program consisted of a special training, a delegation of authority stating that deputy’s and correctional officers who complete this training are delegated a certain authority to perform immigration functions under the authority of ICE.  Within the detention center detainees are than asked where they were born and what country they are a citizen of, note this does NOT occur outside the detention center. His effectiveness as a Sheriff occurred by following the law. Criminals were jailed by the crimes they committed and then instead of being released to commit more crimes into the community, they were handed over to ICE for deportation.

Sheriff Jenkins stated there were three important results to building the wall, (1) end chain migration and (2) DACA programs, and (3) continue the efforts of local law enforcement to work with the Department of Homeland Security and ICE, Immigration and Custom Enforcement agencies.

 Sheriff Jenkins is a graduate of the National Sheriff’s Leadership Institute and serves on the Immigration Boarder Security Committee and Homeland Security Sub – Committees of the National Sheriff’s Association. He continues to be a strong force in Frederick County running for a 4th term as Sheriff who  is active within the State of Maryland arguing against bad legislation, nationally on Fox News, multiple radio programs and in many other programs bringing attention to the gang affiliations, sex offenders and predators, domestic violence offenders, crimes of violence,  drug distribution, drug rings and cartels, attempted murder, child rape, human trafficking and many others crimes. Sheriff Jenkins continues his efforts to protect our community by providing an effective partnership between law enforcement and corrective services to make Frederick County a safer place to live.             

RWBC Hosts Third Political Social Discussion

The Republican Women of Baltimore County hosted their third social at Hightopps Restaurant in Timonium on Wednesday, March 28. The featured speaker was Steve McIntire a state candidate representing District 42A. His talk was on Section 8 Housing in Baltimore County.


Steve is a financial analyst as well as a small business entrepreneur. He assists others in helping them to grow their businesses, create jobs and oversees sound financial management for his clients. His political goals are to assure safer communities, as well as promote excellent schools, serve Towson residents and to protect Maryland’s environment. He is eager and ready to be our advocate and voice in Annapolis.


Here are some sobering bullet points that Steve spoke about:


● Baltimore County is the center of the largest HUD public housing relocation program in the United States, specifically Towson


● The people running the program have justified and granted unaccountable and self-serving power to themselves to act and implement the public housing policies using litigation, historic injustices and deliberate secrecy


●There exists a regional voucher program run by the ACLU which receives over $50 million dollars per year in HUD money which assists public housing residents to live in targeted suburban neighborhoods. Mobility counselors direct them to these targeted neighborhoods in the suburbs


● The 21 member board decides in secret which neighborhoods to target and are not accountable to the Freedom of Information Act nor other accountability measures. There exists no concern about any resultant harm in the targeted neighborhoods


● The late Kevin Kamenetz, past Baltimore County Executive, was committed to relocating 2,000 families to “ opportunity neighborhoods “ using their own designated dots map, spending $30 million dollars subsidizing 1,000 new affordable housing units that will accept vouchers and force landlords to accept these Section 8 vouchers.  This is a binding contract set for the next 10 years without allowing the County Council to modify its’ terms. Mr. Kamenetz made the Section 8 deal with HUD on his own without council approval. His policies will continue in his absence. However, should a Republican be elected as the next Baltimore County Executive he would have the ability to reverse and sue the decisions that Mr. Kamenetz put in place. He was running for the Maryland governorship at the time of his death


● Once someone is eligible for living in a Section 8 housing unit, they will receive benefits of $2,000 per month or more for life as long as they continue to meet the eligibility requirements. This cost is passed on to the average taxpayer for approximately $2,220 more or less per month


In conclusion, as stated by Steve, the goal of the hard left ideologues is not really about helping the indigent but about enhancing the welfare state and increasing their power.  


At the end of Steve’s presentation, three women spoke about their platforms for running for office in their respective districts. They were Ann Miller for the Board of Education from District 3 and Julie Henn also for the Board of Education from District 5. Both will be on the ballot for this election year.


Tamu Ifetayo Davenport belongs to the Baltimore Central Committee for District 7. She headed the MD for Carson and is a member of the Baltimore City affiliate of the Maryland GOP Black Republican Council.


Following their agenda explanation the social was then open to a question and answer period.



Kathryn Jerrard, president of the Baltimore County club and Carol Randall attended the Senate Caucus in Annapolis on Tuesday, March 13 and had a very active day. They both listened to updates on some legislation that was being considered.


They attended the press conference held by Kathy Szeliga for her HB 1308 against sanctuary status in Maryland and also the continuation for state and local officials to allow the DHS, ICE, and ERO to do their jobs. It was very powerful as Sheriff Jenkins spoke about the many incidences of the MS13 gang related deaths attributed to them including the terror tactics that they use. He mentioned that there is increased immigration in Frederick County and that the cooperation with the DOJ, the DHS, ICE, and ERO is very much needed. A heartbreaking testimony was shared by a mother who lost her ten year old son to an illegal immigrant driving drunk who struck her son, dragged him under the car wheel and then proceeded to backup over his body in an effort to escape capture. He had multiple convictions and had not been deported earlier. Therefore, justice was not served.


Without missing a beat, they attended another hearing on HB 1461 – SAFE ACT or Sanctuary Status in Maryland as well as Kathy Szeliga’s HB 1308 which was heard in the Judiciary Committee. In addition, the Campaign for Liberty presented over 5,000 signatures in opposition to HB 1461 along with other petitions that circulated. Sheriff Jenkins and other law enforcement people testified against the bill. Candidate Payne, F.A.I.R., Asians for American Laws and Liberty provided powerful testimony along with Black and Hispanic women in opposition to HB 1461 and support for HB 1308. 




Tuesday, February 20, 2018


The Maryland Federation of Republican Women’s annual “Red Scarf Day” proved to be a wonderful event this year due to some incredible weather, as well as a record turnout of 135 committed and dedicated Republican women from across the state. Our club alone had 16 members in attendance


The early morning House and Senate Republican Caucus meetings were open to the public, with a number of controversial issues discussed, including those regarding voting, immigration, and taxes.


After the group photo on the marble stairway inside the State House, we proceeded to the historic Calvert House for the legislative brunch. The group was welcomed by Diana Waterman, the new president of the Maryland Federation for Republican Women, who remarked looking out into the room on “What a sea of red!” 


A number of Republican delegates and senators from around the state welcomed us to Annapolis and gave their impressions of the 2018 Maryland General Assembly session so far. Some of the highlights were:


∙ Secretary of Budget and Management David Brinkley spoke of Governor Larry Hogan’s efforts to curb spending without having to raise taxes and the explicit need to pass a balanced budget. He stressed that, “the budget is everything” and that the needs of the state must be met. In particular, $6.5 billion dollars have been allocated for education as all students should enjoy a higher standard of learning, but not all results have been met

Secretary Brinkley feels that working with Governor Hogan is “an honor. “  


∙ Delegate Ric Metzgar spoke about the need to return prayer in the schools.


∙ Delegate Kathy Szeliga urged the use of social media to defend and promote the Republican agenda through a state chapter in development called “Winning for Women.” There has been a liberal shift in perception in Maryland which must be countered.


∙ Lieutenant Governor Boyd Rutherford spoke about the importance and the challenges of the upcoming primaries. He stressed the need to gain 5 Senators and 7 Delegates in the legislature in the November elections.


∙ Senator Michael Hough talked about the opioid crisis and its pervasiveness throughout the state.


One of the delegates paid tribute to Marjorie Holt, a member of the Severna Park Republican Women’s Club, who recently passed away at the age of 97. Mrs. Holt represented Anne Arundel and Prince George’s counties in Congress from 1973 to 1987,

and was gifted in her ability to reach across the aisle.

On a personal note, Carol Anderson and I were fortunate to meet Governor Hogan by chance as we were approaching the steps of the State House. The governor exuded such charm and energy to “get things done.”  Let’s make our rallying cry for 2018 be “Re-elect Larry Hogan!”




The Republican Women of Baltimore County hosted its first informal political discussion at Hightopps Restaurant in Timonium on Wednesday, January 31st. The purpose of these gatherings, which are open to the public, is to feature expert speakers who will present political and social topics of the day relevant to their background and experiences. Subsequent talks covering a variety of topics will continue at High Tops on the last Wednesday of each month through June. The social hour begins at 6:00 pm, followed by the presentation and a question and answer period.


The featured speaker at this first meeting was Dr. Eli Krakowski, President and CEO of EDK Consulting, LLC, a global firm providing solutions to clients’ security needs. He is an advisor on strategies for the war on terror and has been a member of the Maryland Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council. His presentation was entitled “Meeting the Threats to U. S. National Security - The Interplay of Internal and Foreign Factors.”


One of the main points that Dr. Krakowski stressed was the ever-changing nature of threats to US national security over the past several decades and how the interplay of internal and external factors shapes US defense and foreign policy. Unfortunately, former President Obama’s prior strategy and his legacy have put the US in a much more dangerous position than might otherwise be the case. His announcement in 2009 that US troops would be out of Afghanistan by 2014 was tantamount to declaring defeat in the midst of a war.


Dr. Krakowski also spoke of specific problems posed by Russia, China, and North Korea, along with the Islamist threat to the US. He believes that President Trump’s emphasis on recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital with moving the U.S. embassy there to be a sound negotiating tactic. In summary, he feels that there needs to be a constancy and continuity of the American presence worldwide to reduce the need for military involvement abroad.


The presentation was followed by a lively question and answer period.




Kathryn Jerard, RWBC President and Patty Ensor, Literacy Committee Co-Chairman presenting Mr. Kim Shibley, Upper School English Department Teacher for Greater Grace Christian Academy (pictured), receiving this year's book selection for the Mamie Eisenhower Library Project.  This Committee engages in activities to promote literacy throughout our local communities.  



Contact the Intelligence Committee's Majority Members and President Trump to thank them for exposing what was hidden from the FISA court, and contact the Minority Members and criticize them for trying to cover up this abuse. Your voice makes a huge difference.


Links to the websites of the Majority Members (Rs) on the HSCI are found here


Links to the websites of the Minority Members (Ds) on the HSCI are found here


The White House can be emailed at this link




Jan 18, 2018

Presenting 2018 Legislative Priorities to 188 Maryland Legislators                 


 On Thursday, January 11, 2018 five women from Baltimore County joined other members of the Maryland Federation of Republican Women from around the state on the second day of the new 2018 Maryland Legislative Session. Visiting the offices of all the 188 state legislators (Democrats as well as Republicans), making sure all of our representatives had our list of legislative priorities for 2018.

The MFRW supports Gov. Hogan’s continuing efforts to:

  • Reduce the rate of growth of spending in the State Budget and improve effectiveness of state programs

  • Encourage greater job growth with proposed “More Jobs for Maryland Act II to expand our 2017 success

  • Stop Gerrymandering – Uphold Veto of SB 1023 – 2017, reforming Congressional and Legislative Redistricting

  • Restore pre-2012 level (30%) of sharing gas tax with counties to maintain local roads and jurisdictions

  • Improve educational opportunities for all children

  • Improve the environment

The MFRW also specifically supports:

(TAXES) - Income Tax “credit” for retirees; exempt military from State Income Tax; capautomatic CPI increase in gasoline tax at current level.

(VOTING) -  Require showing government-issued Photo ID to Vote. Require showing proof of citizenship to register to vote at Board of Elections, MVA or any designated agency. 

Evaluation of effectiveness of Early Voting (EV) – Has total voter turnout increased? Is 8 days too many?

Insure that all polling places have equal number of Republican & Democratic Election Judges.                                                                                                                                               

Insure that individuals rejected for Jury Duty because they are non-citizens are removed from the Voters’ List and that the number of such removals be posted publicly.

MFRW OPPOSES: Allowing non-citizens to register and vote in Board of Education elections or city elections (MC 25-2016); sanctuary cities refusing to follow immigration laws.

(EDUCATION) MFRW supports: School Budget Performance Review; School Choice – charter schools, vouchers.

Evaluate effectiveness of Thornton Formula (by educational achievement /skills – not just dollars spent). Revise / refine Common Core Implementation to serve Maryland students effectively (compare student test scores, graduation rates and attendance in Common Core and non-Common Core schools).  Uphold Governor’s Veto of SB 543 (HB 694). Bill prohibits college applications from asking about criminal history. This bill treats felony crimes the same as misdemeanors potentially putting other college students in danger.

MFRW OPPOSES: K – 12 school bathroom / showers open to all based on self-identified rather than biologic gender.

(ENVIRONMENT) MFRW supports: Dredging Conowingo Dam; divert debris from dam; and reuse dredged material.

The MFRW (i.e., the RWBC and other clubs’ members) will actively monitor the progress of legislation and will contact legislators to express its support or opposition on important matters during the Legislation Session. 

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Jan 9, 2018

On Saturday, December 2, 2017 the Republican Women of Baltimore County traveled by bus to Washington, D.C for a fantastic Christmas tour of the White House. The trip was very well organized by Ellen Sauerbrey who moved mountains to assure that all fell into place along with the assistance of other club ladies including Eleanor Huber, Donna Mell and Jeanne Townsend.


We arrived at the White House Tourist Center and after previewing a film showcasing the history of the White House narrated by various First Ladies, we walked the short distance to the White House grounds. The tour was pretty much self - directed. By sheer coincidence and perfect timing upon entering the hallway of the White House President Trump was seen boarding Air Force One for a trip to New York City. Several people four deep were lucky enough to be standing at a nearby window to catch a photo of President Trump leaving. Our very own Kristen Keller managed to get a great photo of him.


The tour included several rooms in the White House all exquisitely decorated by First Lady Melania Trump including a team of volunteers from across the country. The theme for this year was “ Time Honored Traditions.” There were 53 Christmas tress containing over 12,000 ornaments. The decorated rooms included were the East Room with a beautiful display of the Nativity scene, the Red Room, the Green Room and the Blue Room.


Our trip also included a short tour of the War Memorial Plaza featuring the names of DC residents who served in WW 1.


Boarding the bus for the ride home proved to be relaxing and also informative. Martha Klima reminisced about her time in the political arena highlighting poignant memories of herself along with Ellen Sauerbrey. Kathryn Jerrard also spoke and reminded us of some upcoming events going into 2018. 


The tour was amazing and kudos go out to all that were involved to make it an absolute and total success !!



Jan 8, 2018

Sunday December 3​, 2017​

​ ​

Republican Women of Baltimore County held their annual Christmas party at the lovely home of Bill and Carol Randall in Monkton, MD.  After everyone finished dining from a delicious buffet in which all members contributed, Ellen Sauerbrey opened our meeting. She introduced Andy Harris, a physician and a member of the U.S. House of Representative for Maryland’s 1st Congressional District which includes the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Dr. Harris spoke of President Trump’s accomplishments and the need to capture as​ many Senate and House of Representative seats as possible in the upcoming 2018 election cycle.


Pat McDonough, a Republican member of the Maryland House of Delegates representing District 7, spoke about his run for Baltimore County Executive. He described the current status of Baltimore County which he felt needed improvement on many levels and is dedicated to making the county one of the best in the country.


Candidate Dr. Tim Robinson, an anethesiologist, is running for Delegate in District 42B. His emphasis centers on ensuring Larry Hogan, the current Governor of Maryland, wins a second term. He asked for people to volunteer as much as they can.  

Donna Mell announced the winner of the Trump wine basket as Wayne Radcliff. The winning ticket was actually sold by Donna’s husband, Ben, to Wayne.

Kathryn Jerrard, President of RWBC introduced the officers for the new board for 2018. 


Nicole Harris- 1st VP

Jolie McShane- 2nd VP

Connie Esposito – Treasurer

Eleanor Huber – Secretary.

Outgoing members Donna Mell, Carol Randall and Jeanne Townsend will still remain involved in our wonderful club.

Ellen Sauerbrey closed our meeting in which she complimented Kathryn on her many successful accomplishments in 2017and how wonderful it will be to have her as the club President for a second term going into 2018.   


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